Ei On You - CustomEized Makeup Designs
Got a big night on the town planned? Engagement pictures, Homecoming/Prom, sorority formal, reunion, wedding, or family portrait? Treat yourself to professional makeup application or eyebrow shaping! Eileen will enthusiastically work with you to design a makeup look using our custom blend, ready to wear, and airbrush high performance mineral formulas. 
In Studio Traditional Application $50.00

With Airbrush & Individual Lashes $65.00
With Airbrush and Full Strip Lashes $75.00
Evening Makeup application is not just about piling on more makeup. It's about highlight and contrast, and selecting colors that balance the warm light. While candlelight tends to hide imperfections and makes the skin appear flawless, the warm rosy glow of the candle can almost "erase" makeup. If pictures are going to be taken, your makeup has to be "camera ready". Make your appointment extra special by upgrading to airbrush foundation and individual false eyelash application. For extra OOMPH, strip lashes purchased from the beauty boutique and applied at no additional charge.

Beautiful Brows are the most underrated feature of facial beauty importance. Healthy yet shapely eyebrows can take YEARS off a face and steps out of a makeup application!  

Working to improve your relationship to makeup is a MAJOR step towards beautification of the face. Even the most low maintenance routines are moments invested in your hectic lifestyle, and using the RIGHT makeup the RIGHT way can truly make the most of your time! A beauty update is a personal 11/2 hour private session dedicated to analyzing the contents of your current makeup bag, facial features, skin type, personal colors, fashion personality, and life style. In a step by step demonstration, we work together to select ideal products and colors, then master proper application techniques. Before and after pictures along with application steps are included.


        BEFORE                              AFTER

Makeup & Martinis!
Bring your besties, both old and new, together for an evening of cocktails, glamor, gossip, and luxury MAKEUP at GREAT DEALS! If you are looking to host a retail themed home party, Ei On You Beauty can take it to the next level by offering guests an interactive experience where they are presented the Ei On You trendy seasonal colors of the moment, instructed in the art of playing with high performance quality cosmetics and brushes, then assisted in the art of CustomEizing their own palettes. Fabulous hostess benefits which include FREE MAKEUP and other discounts!   
Shop Online!
Cosmetics and other items for purchase will be available online in the near future! For now If there is a specific item you need a refill on just call in to place an order and it can be delivered.
Monday - Sat: By Appointment Only
Location:1808 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60643 Room #8
312-339-0367 Eionyoubeauty@hotmail.com
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